African Teams !! IN THE WORLD CUP !!

Five African nations look to become the first African Team to take home the FIFA World Cup this year in Brazil.

Four years following the first World Cup Games to be hosted in Africa, stretching across the nation of South Africa, African football has grown 200 times !!!!
The opening match featured the South African squad in their first ever World Cup appearance as they drew even against the storied Mexican squad that went on to win the olympic soccer tournament in London in 2012.
Then the thunderous Ghana team beat the formidable United States before being knocked out in the quarter finals in a penalty shootout to the Uruguayan squad that would next be defeated by the eventual champions.
princesgoal_1667336c_48187170_gyan_highlights_640Ghana USAarticle-0-198429FD00000578-791_634x423

This year promises more good football !!


Bonne Jour

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